Brand Story

Why Kwong Cheong Thye

Kwong Cheong Thye has been continually innovating and improving. With a rich tradition and vast experience in food manufacturing in Singapore, its products are used by over 90% of the top hotels and restaurants in Singapore and worldwide. The brand name"廣祥泰" was coined by the late Mr. Choo Cheong Chan. Like most of the other businessmen of his times, he named his company using auspicious Chinese characters. The root words of the brand, when literally translated, means vastness (广大), auspicious(吉祥) and stability(稳如泰山).

Original Brand Logo – Leopard on the Globe

This is the original logo of Kwong Cheong Thye.  

The designed was inspired by practical reasons. People in earlier times were mostly illiterate and recognised brand sonly by their images. Leopard was chosen because it is well-known for its speed, a desirable trait from a business point of view. The leopard is seen traversing the globe, because the aim of the founder was to make Kwong Cheong Thye an international brand. The region where the leopard is positioned is Asia which signifies the aspirations of the brand to establish a foothold in Asia and expand from there.

2nd Brand Logo

Chinese Calligraphic Logo (1995-2005)

As society evolved and the literacy rate improved, the management was prompted to rejuvenate the brand in 1995 and replaced the image logo with a logo comprising of calligraphic characters. The use of Chinese calligraphic reflected the heritage of the brand.

Current Brand Logo

As part of the management's initiative to promote innovation and keep up with the times, Mr Choo Wai Luen championed a re-branding exercise in 2005.