Production Process

With a rich tradition and vast experience in food manufacturing that dates back to more than a hundred years, Kwong Cheong Thye adopts state of the art technology and rigorous processes to ensure that every single product is the finest quality.

The Making of Soya Sauce

  The Making of Noodle

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The unique characteristics of soy sauce originate primarily from the proteins contained in soybeans. Soybeans are first soaked in water for an extended period, and then steamed at high temperatures.


Noodles are a form of staple food very popular among the Chinese. As a prepared dish, they can be served warm or cold, dressed with chili oil or not, eaten with fried bean sauce, port or chicken sauce, duck chops, any soups, etc.

The Making of Lotus Paste

  The Making of Mooncake

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The lotus paste has been somewhat interesting Chinese dishes that have gained popularity all across the world. It is now very much popular for many people to try these conventional Chinese dishes.


Making homemade mooncakes is a labor intensive process. A special mooncake mould, usually made of wood (there are some mooncake moulds made of plastic or silicone) often engraved with Chinese characters is also needed.