Dark Soya Sauce

Dark Soya Sauce Superior

Thick and fragrant and is the perfect companion to your braised dishes to create a beautiful reddish-brown dish with great taste.

Dark Soya Sauce Special

It was designed for the Top Chefs in the world and is truly great for everyday cooking!

Dark Soya Sauce Best

The Best of Both Worlds as it was specially made to be versatile, for both cooking (stir fry, stewing etc.) and dipping.

Dark Soya Sauce Standard

Delightful light flavour for direct usage. It is perfect to go with half boiled eggs which is one of Singaporean’s Favourite Breakfast!

Chicken Rice Dark Soya Sauce

One of our Best-Sellers. Specially made for the World Famous Singaporean Dish, KCT’s Chicken Rice Dark Soya Sauce is tasty and fragrant.