Beijing Vermicelli

Traditional Beijing Style Vermicelli, handmade to perfection!

Black Pepper Noodle

Egg noodle with a black pepper kick to it, what more can black pepper fans ask for?

Egg Noodle

Wholesome noodle made for quick and tasty meals for families!

Hong Kong Fine Noodle

Another of our best-selling noodle. This noodle does not contain eggs, making it suitable for Vegans!

Parsley Vermicelli

Traditional Beijing Vermicelli with a Parsley kick!

Spinach Vermicelli

Traditional Beijing Vermicelli with a twist of Spinach.

Traditional Prawn Noodle

Infused with prawn roes, KCT’s Traditional Prawn Noodle has a natural ‘seafood’ fragrance.

Wholesome Spinach Noodle

Using real spinach, our Wholesome Spinach Noodle is a favourite amongst the health-conscious chefs.

Handmade Mee Pok

Specially handcrafted and has a springy texture and very easy to cook!

Ee Fu Noodle

One of our best-selling noodle! KCT’s Ee Fu Noodle is popular amongst the Cantonese and is also a dish not to be missed during Wedding Banquets!