Seasoning Sauce

Black Sweet Sauce

A special sweet sauce made for Singaporeans favourite dishes Char Kway Teow and Fried Carrot Cake. This unique sauce can also be used to dip traditional Teocehew Kuehs.

Steamed Fish Sauce

Packed in a beautiful glass bottle, KCT’s Steamed Fish Sauce is perfect for fuss-free cooking, as it is simple to use for both domestic and industrial cooking.

Black Pepper Sauce

Tantalizing and tasty, KCT’s Black Pepper Sauce is great for stir-fry and dipping.

Plum Sauce

Combining the sweet and sour taste of plums, this sauce is best for dipping Roasted Duck.

Hoi Sin Sauce

Another Versatile sauce, KCT’s Hoi Sin Sauce can be used for making Chee Cheong Fun, and also for dipping Peking duck.

Coffee Sauce

KCT’s Award-winning Coffee Sauce was curated to cook meat dishes to an aromatic coffee flavour with a glaze on top.

Sweet Bean Paste

Fragrant bean paste with a sweet twist. This paste is great for steaming fish and frying vegetables.

Kong Poh Sauce

It was inspired by the legendary Sichuan Dish, Kong Poh Chicken.

Peking Duck Sauce

Another Best Seller, a sauce specially made to eat with World Famous Dish, Peking Duck!

Oyster Sauce

Using only the best ingredients, KCT’s Oyster Sauce is tasty and goes well with many stir-fry Chinese dishes.

Sesame Oil

A must have in every kitchen, KCT’s Sesame Oil is the trusty sidekick to KCT’s range of Soya Sauces.

Kumquat Sauce

KCT’s Kumquat Sauce is tangy and packs a punch, made to dip in deep fried prawn cakes.